one Kalamazoo is the campaign to educate voters about the need to vote YES this
November and support the Kalamazoo Non-Discrimination Ordinance. A grassroots organization, one Kalamazoo believes that all people—including gay and transgender
people—should be treated fairly and equally when they live, work, or visit Kalamazoo.

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Dear Supporters,

The past few months you’ve helped build one of the most successful campaigns in the country – but made it uniquely Kalamazoo.  Yesterday voters put on paper what you knew to be true all along, that all people in Kalamazoo should be treated fairly and equally including our gay and transgender neighbors.

Make no mistake this was a difficult campaign, but through it all you didn’t give in to the lies and misinformation.

On a personal note thank you for letting me into your community, and welcoming me back to Michigan.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the volunteers, steering committee members, commissioners who originally passed this ordinance and donors involved in the campaign.   I especially want to thank the staff who practically gave up their lives to make this happen. Ultimately this victory belongs to you, and it’s up to you to keep this momentum going.

The campaign is wrapping up and we’ll be closing our doors soon, but Kalamazoo is a better place because of what you’ve done.  There’s so much skill and talent here and so many great organizations looking for people to help continue to make Kalamazoo a wonderful place – just look at all of our endorsing organizations.  I urge you to use what you’ve built to continue fulfilling the promise of what we all know Kalamazoo can be.  

Thank you again for all you’ve done,

Jon Hoadley
Campaign Manager


You Can Still Help

We need your support now more than ever to promote a YES vote on Ordinance 1856.  Come help us talk to voters.  Give our campaign office a call at 269-903-2277, or just come on down.  We're located at 344 N. Rose St in downtown Kalamazoo.

Check our new ad airing in Kalamazoo:

One Kalamazoo Video

If you can't make it downtown to volunteer, make a donation to help keep our new ad on the air and combat the opposition's lies.


Women Vote YES On Ordinance 1856

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Check out this short video featuring women sharing their thoughts on why they support a YES vote.

People on the Street


Women of Kalamazoo Encourage Their Neighbors to Stand Up for Fairness and Equality

Tonight, women from Kalamazoo will be encouraging all women to support fairness and equality in their city by voting yes on Ordinance 1856.

“As a mother, I want to raise my children in a community where we treat all people fairly and equally,” says Kimberly Moss.  “Voting yes on Ordinance 1856 is an important step to making sure Kalamazoo is a place where people don’t discriminate against each other.”

“All families really want is for their children to be able to be successful, find a job, and contribute back to the community that they’ve grown up in and loved, says Kalamazoo resident and mother of five Narda Beauchamp.  “Two of my children are gay, and they’ve had to leave Kalamazoo to live in cities that provide protections against housing and employment discrimination.  I want my family to be able to be together, and that’s why I am voting yes on Ordinance 1856.”

Women of Kalamazoo are encouraged to come to the YWCA tonight to show support for Ordinance 1856:

Thursday, October 29th
5:00 – 5:30pm
353 E. Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49007


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